Innovation Counseling Group, LLC

New Ideas
  Fresh Perspectives

Welcome to Innovation Counseling Group!

Innovation Counseling Group, LLC is focused on providing high-quality service and client satisfaction with complete confidentiality guaranteed. At Innovation Counseling Group, we make it our mission to accommodate clients based on individual needs and to provide the care and expertise that fits your specific situation on your timetable. In fact, we are available to set appointments based on your schedule and can see you early in the morning, into the evening, and even on the weekends.    

Check out our website to learn more about the wide variety of services we offer. Comments and questions are always welcome and encouraged and can be submitted here or by calling (321) 872-7073.

Find Hope and Peace

Find peace with relaxation techniques, guided imagery, mindfulness, and individualized coping skills, you can learn to relax and combat anxiety.  Find hope with new ideas, fresh perspectives, and realize your full potential through self-exploration and discovery. 

Create Your Future

Work with a counselor to process past and present difficulties to take control of your life and move forward. 

Discover Meaning

Discover meaning in difficult times and learn how to create meaning for yourself and those around you for the rest of your lives.